What our Customers say...


As a property manager, I had a home that was very abused by a former tenant. SERVPRO responded quickly, providing me with multiple estimates within a day or two. Darryl Harley, my assigned project manager, was very pleasant to work with and made sure that the property was flawless before his team left. Even when I pointed out items that I wanted a little more attention to, he quickly got his team to the property to ensure the quality of the project. He clearly took great pride in his work and I will absolutely be hiring him again - 5/5 stars.

Unfortunately, we had a sewage drain line separate in our crawl space. It was an awful, stinking mess. Erik and Chris responded. I really appreciated their assistance. They did a great job and both had excellent attitudes. They were very willing to do whatever was necessary to get the job accomplished and to have a satisfied customer. Thanks, gentlemen for a job well done.

SUPER PROFESSIONAL!!! These guys are the best! I chose SERVPRO after interviewing four companies. Luke really impressed me with his knowledge and profeesionalism, at our first meeting. At every step of the process, I continued to be impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I had a nightmare with the restoration company that was hired by the landlord of my commercial building. This only reinforced my understanding of the fantastic service provided to us, from SERVPRO. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO, to anyone!!!

SERVPRO Staff, Luke & Chris- Just a quick note to thank your team for the support in making 2018 & 2019 successful. I appreciate all you do & for all the fun treats delivered to the team! Here's to a prosperous future! Cheers

Excellent service. Was able to keep in touch after hours. And professional. That’s just the best.

Kavik, Cody, and Jerome were very helpful, knowledgeable and professional during this stressful time.

Hello Dave, my name is Rachel LeDoux, we have met a few times in passing at Marketing Mondays.  I just wanted to express how informative and professional your demeanor is at the events.  I admire your marketing skills and enjoyed hearing about the different kinds of services you provide.  There's so much to learn as a new homeowner and I know I could count on you for enlightenment.  :-)  


Rachel LeDoux

Thank you for your prompt service.  We hope we never have to use your flood damage service in the future.

- Steve and Robin R.

We had a small area on the inside wall of the kid's room that kept growing a mold patches.  I cleaned it repeatedly with bleach and bathroom cleaners but it kept coming back.  We called SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs out to inspect it and they found a huge moldy area growing inside the walls. There was a sprinkler line outside up against the house that had been leaking for probably a long time.  They said using household cleaners can sometimes make mold worse on things like drywall.  I had no idea.  It's a good thing they found it because it was right next to my daughter's bed and she was waking up with the sniffles every day.  We got the plumbing fixed but they had to close everything off and tear out the drywall on two walls in the bedroom.  Even some of the stucco had to be replaced outside, but SERVPRO put it all back like new.  Great people to work with.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

The equipment was loud, but it worked very well.  Neither me or my husband can detect any smoke odors whatsoever, so it was well worth it, and I would definitely call you again.

Your team did a wonderful job.  I still in shock about how much water came in, but they were able to get it all completely dry and save my carpets.  Next time I'll remember to close the window before the rain starts.

Our new hardwood floors were so badly warped I thought we were going to have the tear it all out and start over.  You had all the right equipment and new just what to do.  Now they need only minor refinishing and it saved us thousands of dollars.

We were very concerned about finding mold in the closet with my mother-in-law's condition.  SERVPRO went out of their way to make sure the area was sealed off from the rest of the house and kept clean.  They had an expert come in twice to test for any remaining residue.  I feel completely confident they got it all and it won't come back.   The service was excellent.  I highly recommend SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs.

We could tell shortly after the crew started that they knew just what to do. It was a relief. Very professional. And the kitchen is as clean as new --  no smoke odor!

The workers did a great job and were polite and respectful in my home.  I will know who to call if I ever have anything like this again.

We were sunk - out of business.  I didn't think we would be able to recover.  Your team was completely professional and confident in the way the went about this.  They had us back in business in 2 days and were out of the building completely in 4. You literally saved our business, including about a fifteen good jobs. Thanks from all of us to Kavik and his team at SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs.

I called my insurance agent after my pipe burst and he recommend SERVPRO to handle the cleanup.  Boy am I glad he did, they showed up within an hour and immediately began to extract the water from my floors.

Thank you for all the work you did to clean up our business.  Your crew paid so close attention to everything around, not disturbing anything and making sure they broke NOTHING.  They also spent time explaining what they were going to do, then did.  There were NO surprises.  Thank you.

Keep doing what you are doing.  Thank you!!

Your crew was so very professional.  They worked around our time frame, making sure we were satisfied.  Can't say there are many companies that would care so much.  Maybe you should start a school on professionalism and customer service and teach other companies, such as Comcast, how it's done.

I just talked to my sister and she was really excited as well as impressed. She stated that the carpet actually looks brand new and can’t smell a thing. I told her she needs to give you all a review on your social media pages. Thanks so much for taking care of her and showing her that SERVPRO is always to way to go!!!

Kind Regards,

Genevieve Stump

Office Manager

Overall, they solved our problems very well.

Here is a gift card for the steak dinner we promised you guys!  Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional care of our home!  :-)

A+ !

Keep up the good work

I can't possibly think of anything they could have done better.  Ryan Rivera and his crew were very helpful, courteous, and extremely professional.  I would call SERVPRO back in an instant!

The office is clean and the musty odor is gone.  It's never been this clean and fresh.  Thanks for taking care of this so quickly.  You guys did a great job. 

Very professional Crew.  They all knew just what to do and took such care in packing and cleaning our things.  The house looks good as new.

We thought we were going to have to replace this carpet.  The traffic aisles were deeply soiled and there was an odor that our steam cleaner just couldn't seem to clean. Scott V did fine work. It looks and smells great, and there was no disruption of our business!  Thank you SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs!

Our Christmas Tree caught fire just before Christmas and smoked the whole house.  I would never have believed it could be so clean and free of odors, and so quickly!  Your crew did a great job.  

Fantastic service! Great job by the entire team. SERVPRO is always my first choice and this team solidified my opinion. Thank you to the team!

The young men on site could not have been more efficient or professional. What a job !!

The team was polite, professional, caring.

Great guys & very ready to help. Really great!!

They both made me feel comfortable and eased my worries about the water damage. They were sensitive to my situation. I was happy that I called SERVPRO.

Keep up the good work!

Excellent Service

Efficient & prompt.

The crew went above and beyond their duty. Thank you.

The crew was courteous and professional. Glad I chose SERVPRO South for my cleaning needs.

Thank you for coming so late in the evening.