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Mold Remediation Testimonials

We had a small area on the inside wall of the kid's room that kept growing a mold patches.  I cleaned it repeatedly with bleach and bathroom cleaners but it kept coming back.  We called SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs out to inspect it and they found a huge moldy area growing inside the walls. There was a sprinkler line outside up against the house that had been leaking for probably a long time.  They said using household cleaners can sometimes make mold worse on things like drywall.  I had no idea.  It's a good thing they found it because it was right next to my daughter's bed and she was waking up with the sniffles every day.  We got the plumbing fixed but they had to close everything off and tear out the drywall on two walls in the bedroom.  Even some of the stucco had to be replaced outside, but SERVPRO put it all back like new.  Great people to work with.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

We were very concerned about finding mold in the closet with my mother-in-law's condition.  SERVPRO went out of their way to make sure the area was sealed off from the rest of the house and kept clean.  They had an expert come in twice to test for any remaining residue.  I feel completely confident they got it all and it won't come back.   The service was excellent.  I highly recommend SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs.

Keep doing what you are doing.  Thank you!!

Here is a gift card for the steak dinner we promised you guys!  Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional care of our home!  :-)

A+ !

The office is clean and the musty odor is gone.  It's never been this clean and fresh.  Thanks for taking care of this so quickly.  You guys did a great job.