Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Colorado Springs

This family’s Colorado Springs home suffered severe damage from what was likely an electrical fire. It’s always devastating when a family experience... READ MORE

Colorado Springs, Fire in the Kitchen, Ahh! SERVPRO Is Here!

This Colorado Springs homeowner put out the flareup in his kitchen with the ABC type extinguisher hidden under the base vanity. The protein fuel, from the now c... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Colorado Springs House

Fire damage began as an electrical fire in the attic. There was a short circuit in a junction box. The fire damaged the rafters, insulation, the electrical syst... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Colorado Springs Home

Fire damage at this Colorado Springs house began in the electrical wiring of an overhead light in the kitchen. As the photo shows, there was significant damage ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Colorado Springs

Fire damage at this Colorado Springs home began in the kitchen when a pan was left on the stove too long. The fire damage was limited to the kitchen, but the so... READ MORE

Car catches fire, home up in flames

A fire story does not get much more unusual than this. The owner of this house arrived home and parked in his garage as usual. One of the break pads on the ve... READ MORE

Fire displaces residents at a home in Fountain

Residents of this single family rental home in Fountain suffered a fire when a family member fell asleep with a candle burning. The candle burned down through ... READ MORE

Security Bedroom Fire & Smoke Damage

Most of the damage to this bedroom in Security was caused from the smokey residue from the fire. The cigarette ignited some plastic items, and the noxious odors... READ MORE

Charred Fire Damage in Colorado Springs

The utility workshop of this Colorado Springs house suffered fire and smoke damage to the interior of the flat roof. Our SERVPRO technician, well trained and ce... READ MORE