Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

School Vandalized in Colorado Springs

The school shown in the picture was broken into and vandalized overnight. Looked to be several individuals that ran through the school spraying a fire extinguis... READ MORE

Working with a Colorado Springs Hospital to Preserve Flood Damaged Records

When a Colorado Springs medical facility's basement was flooded, many patient records were damaged. SERVPRO technicians were called in during the remediation p... READ MORE

Office Building in Colorado Springs Gets a Soaking

When water from a flash flood enters from a poorly sealed door, the damage can be mitigated with fast removal. An office suite in Colorado Springs shows the com... READ MORE

Sink supply line burst - Security, CO

An office manager from a local business in Security called us when they noticed water slowly leaking from underneath a maintenance door at the end of their hall... READ MORE

Commercial Graffiti Cleanup in Colorado Springs

Commercial graffiti was discovered at this Colorado Springs business upon arriving at work by the facilities manager. He researched his alternatives for cleanin... READ MORE

Dorman Properties Commercial Loss in Colorado Spri

Illustrated in this picture is a commercial water damage loss in Colorado Springs for this property management company in December of 2012. The water was remove... READ MORE

CBRE Properties Commercial Water Damage

Seen here is an 8" flange that supplies 10 gallons of water per minute at 100 pounds of pressure. This large coupling gave way after an extreme amount of pressu... READ MORE

Flood Damage to the Phillipian Church in Colorado

This first photo depicts the standing water on the floor of the interior of the Phillipian Church in Colorado Springs. This was a flash flood caused by the spri... READ MORE